DAY SIXTY-SEVEN We had an early start and headed up the tar-seal road towards Arlit. The road was very well made to carry the uranium which is mined at Arlit.

We left the last traces of vegetation behind on the three-hour drive to Arlit and when we got there the police took our passports and told us we couldn’t leave till the next day. This is the usual procedure & ensures that people have a full day in which to travel up to the [Niger-Algeria] border.

So, we booked into a camping ground outside of town on a flat, featureless plain and once again we were pestered by salesmen, Touregs¹ this time, peddling junk. I bought a Toureg sword for 100 FF & Linda bought some bracelets for presents.

The Tuareg sword and scabbard I bought that day in the Sahara.

In the evening, a local killed & cooked a goat for us which we ate with spuds and mint sauce.

We slept the night in the sand around the truck

¹Another of the local Saharan tribes

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