WEDNESDAY Linda and I had the night off so we decided to go and try our luck at getting tickets to The Phantom of the Opera. We went over to Her Majesty’s Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, and joined the queue which was about 25 people long even at that early time – 5:30. We waited in the cold until about 7:45 when a guy came out and began allotting tickets. Sure enough, we were close enough to the front of the queue to get tickets and we went in. We had drinks at the bar then went into the auditorium to our seats. They weren’t exactly the best seats in the house, back row in the dress circle, but we could see most of the action. It was a spectacular show with great music and singing and clever special effects. We even had half-time drinks in the bar!

After the show we walked up to the London Palladium shopping centre at Piccadilly Circus and had a snack at the Rock Island Diner.

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