SATURDAY Today we went to the famous Crufts Dog Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. It was terrior day which meant lots of yapping toy dogs instead of the bigger working breeds which were to be shown the next day, but it was a good day out all the same. There were about 20 different rings and the main competition ring where we watched the Canine Obedience competition. It was good to be around dogs again for a while.

Cwufts…”nice bitch!”

We got back to the pub quite early as Linda had told Brian she would work the evening session for some extra money. Mike Dyke¹ called in at around 9:00 PM and we had a good yarn. He is going back to Africa as the courier (assistant driver) on a southbound Kumuka trip in March…lucky bastard!  

¹One of the drivers from our African Overland in 1989.

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