WEDNESDAY Because I had worked an extra ½ day last week, the roster had me down for a full day off today. I spent most of the morning asleep but finally got motivated into getting up and after a shower and some brekkie I went downstairs to find that a check had turned up in the mail from the British Tax Department for a refund of £414-10!! Not a bad result.

I caught the bus over to Oxford Circus and as I was walking up Oxford Street I saw Roy¹, so I followed him round to the building site where he and Colin work. We stood and yarned in the street for a while then Colin took me up to the top of the crane to have a drive. What a great view there was from the cab out across the hazy jumble of London. There was quite a strong wind blowing which made conditions for lifting marginal but he unloaded a truck-load of asphalt then he let me have a go. It is very easy to drive a crane and there are only two controls, one on each arm of the chair. It is the same as driving a digger [something that I had driven back in New Zealand] only on a bigger scale. I spent ¾ of an hour up their with Colin then went back down to the street.

I walked up to Jessops Camera Supplies and bought a cable-release, a blue graduated filter and a little pouch that holds 6 filters.

When I got back to the pub, another cheque had turned up from the Tax Department in the second mail, this one for £404-50! I spent the afternoon mucking around in our room then Linda and I went and saw Family Business starring Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick. It was a disappointing film. 

¹A regular drinker at the Red Lion, Roy and his mate Colin operated a tower crane on a big construction site in the centre of London. Colin drove the crane and Roy guided him by radio from the street below.

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