SATURDAY We had had a busy and late night on Friday with a Bundaberg¹ promotion so we slept in till about 10:00 then got up and watched TV for a while. At around 12:30 we caught the tube over to Liverpool Street station and settled in to the café there with a feed of Casey Jones burgers to wait for the next train to Broxbourne. Tom [the Red Lion’s cleaner] had lent us his discount card so we had quite a decent reduction on the tickets.

We caught the 1:30 train out and sat watching the grey suburbs of London unfold into the green fields of Hertfordshire. It was good to get out of the city for a while and after a taxi ride up to White Stubbs Farm, we walked up the drive to Joyce and Ernie’s house. It was a grey, overcast day with a strong, cold wind blowing but the air was clear and carried the smells of hay, leaves and new grass to us.

We spent a thoroughly boring afternoon at Joyce’s listening to her alcoholic rambling then Ernie drove us along with our box of souvenirs from Africa back to the station. We slept all the way back to Liverpool St and had another of Casey Jones’ horrid burgers then went back to the pub.

We hired the video The Running Man and spent the evening being couch potatoes.   

¹Bundaberg is an Australian brand of rum.

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