MONDAY At 4:00 when I finished my shift I went for a walk over to the river to take some photos. It was a stormy afternoon with a strong wind blowing heavy, dark clouds past the sun. I photographed the Houses of Parliament from a spot on top of some steps leading down to the water in front of County Hall¹ with filters and it looked quite good. I was using Agfa Tri-X Pan ASA 400 black and white film, a grainy film stock perfect for a moody London afternoon.

My London, February 26th, 1990.

Then, I walked along the Albert Embankment to Lambeth Bridge, round through Jubilee Gardens and back to the pub.

The Embankment, Waterloo, London.

¹ The imposing Country Hall building on the South Bank of the Thames was the headquarters of the London City Council. It is now a hotel.

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