BACK TO CORTON. We spent all morning fucking around but I managed to at least get a straight answer out of Duncan that I would be going down to Devon fencing. Duncan and I went over to a nearby farm to measure up a proposed fence line and when we got back at around 2:30 I told him I was going to go and see Linda and the boys would be able to pick me up on the way down to Devon tomorrow.

Mark gave me a ride out to the road and I walked for an hour before a bloke in an empty bus gave me a lift out to the road to Cirencester. After about 20 minutes I got a lift with three larger layouts in a small car which travelled 80 to 100 mph all the way to Portsmith turn off. I was fucking glad to get out of that car!

The next ride which I only had to wait about 10 minutes for took me to Southampton where I got on the train to Salisbury without a ticket. No one asked me for a ticket however so that ride was free, and I rang Linda from the station to tell her I was on my way.

An hour later I was walking across the fields behind Corton feeling very pleased with myself and glad I had made the journey. Linda was working so I had plenty of time to have tea and then a bath and to rearrange my gear which I had hurriedly stuffed into my pack at the farm.

When Linda turned up at 11 pm we sat by the fire talking for ages about our jobs and how it felt so bad to be apart. When we went to bed we zipped both sleeping bags together so we could sleep close together on the floor.

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