GOODBYE AGAIN. We got up at eight and I rang Matt to check that the boys are on their way. After breakfast Ann turned up and sorted out some warm shirts and a woolly coat for me. Linda and I went up to the back garden for a while and talked and cuddled, preparing ourselves for parting once again. Both of us admitted it wouldn’t be so hard this time as we know what is ahead of us for the next few weeks.

Linda came with Ann when she dropped me off at Wylye where I had arranged to meet the boys and we said our last farewells on the side of the road. I am now sitting beside the A303 waiting…

I waited beside that road for six hours and I had given up on being picked up and was glad of it. While I was waiting I had plenty of time to reflect on going away and when it came on to rain it decided me: I would get down off the road into the shelter of some trees and wait till four then start walking home. Then, dammit, Duncan turned up.  I crouched under the trees and hurriedly tried to decide whether to stay in hiding or go with them. I decided to go.

Three hours later we arrived at the farm in Devon not far from Totnes where we will be working. It was cold and drizzling, the leaden mist clinging to the hedgerows and hills, and swirling whiteley around the two caravans which will be our home for the next few weeks.

We unpacked then went down to the local pub in the tiny village (hamlet would be a better word) for a few beers. We stayed until 10:30 then went back to the camp where I had a surprisingly good night sleep considering I miss Linda deeply after only 12 hours.

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