FIRST DAY ON THE JOB. We got up at 7:30 and had a cup of tea then went out and got to work. Tim and I augered out strainer holes then Shane and I went to strip an old fence. After lunch we got started on the fencing itself. Shane and Tim were driving posts with a post driver and Mark and I went along doing strainers, laying out gear and putting up the netting. Once we get a good system going we should be able to do a fair bit per day.

At 11PM I walked down to the owner’s old (200 years old) farmhouse which has been completely rebuilt and rang Linda. I couldn’t get any reply at Ann’s so I got onto Directory Services and got the number of The Dove where Linda was still at work. We yarned on for about 10 minutes and she told me that Ann had arranged for her to move into a flat at Duchess Newcastle’s house. I had to tell her that it could be awhile before I could get up to see her again. She was disappointed but understood how hard it will be for me to get out of here.

It was midnight under a shimmering full moon before I got back up to our camp where a stiff breeze was running across the hilltop, gently rocking the caravans.

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