JENNIE, LYD AND FRIENDS. I borrowed Ann’s car in the morning and drove into Warminster to do our shopping. As well as buying our groceries and a bulk supply of cheap meat, I also bought myself a pair of gumboots to wear to work.

After I had stashed all our food at the flat, I went up to Ann’s house and met Linda then we waited on the Village Green for Lyd and Jen to arrive. They turned up an hour later with two friends, Juliet and Vivian, and we spent the afternoon yarning over drinks and Hobnobs at the flat. 

In the evening Linda had to work so the girls and I went first to the Dove for a drink then into Warminster for a drink at the Rose and Crown. Then we got fish and chips and went back to the flat. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and when Linda got home, the giggling became loud indeed!

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