The girls and I went for a walk around Corton after Linda had gone to work and we stopped to play on the swings and the seesaw in the playground. Back at the Manor House we packed some food then drove up to the Village Green where we sat and waited for another one of their friends, Sarah Latta, to turn up. When she arrived we drove in a convoy over to Bradford-upon-Avon. We ate our picnic lunch in the park then set off to explore the town.

Situated at the foot of a steep escarpment on the bank of the river Avon, Bradford has many fine old stone buildings and narrow streets and with the backdrop of autumn colours is a very picturesque place. We explored the streets, visited the church and the ancient tythe barn, the girls lay on the railway tracks for photos and we pretended we were a bunch of farmyard animals!

We finished off our food and played touch rugby with an empty Coke bottle then Sarah left to go home and we went back to Corton. In the evening Ann and Betty came for dinner with Diana and us.

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