SATURDAY 20/10 – A NEW CAR. It was a cold foggy morning as I biked into town for the last time. I went straight around to the house of the guy who had the car for sale and bought it, paying £100 in cash and £255 in cheques.

We had to go over to Westbury to register it then, bingo!..we had a car. I did some shopping in town, bought Betty some get-well flowers (she was recovering from an operation) and had a beer with Simon in the Anchor pub. After I had visited Betty I went home and dropped off the groceries then went up to the Dove to show Linda our new car. When she finished work we set off on a Tiki tour to try it out. We drove up to the village of Wylye then back down to Codford St Mary where we visited a tiny ANZAC graveyard and a small church.

Eric Escort.

Instead of going straight home we drove into Warminster and got some fish and chips and ate them out on the road between Heytesbury and Corton. Linda went back to work at 7 pm and I spent the evening writing letters and listening to tapes.

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