PERTWOOD DOG TRIALS Late morning, and I drove up to Pertwood, on the Downs near Warminster, where a local dog trial1 was being held. It was a grey, stormy day and a cold buffeting wind was streaming over the hills and roaring down the small valley where the trials were running.

The trial consisted of pulling 6 sheep down off the hill at high-speed, then driving them with the dog through a series of hurdles then finally penning them, by slapping a stick and shoving them into the pen while the dog more or less sits watching!

It was an interesting afternoon though and I yarned to a Kiwi bloke who was there about lambing. He said it is very hard work but he charges £4.30 per hour.

1As a shepherd, I had competed in many dog trials back in New Zealand so I was keen to see how a British dog trial was run.

The first page of a 6-page letter I wrote home to my brother that day.

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