TO LONDON We got up quite early to a cold grey morning and sat watching cartoons over toast and hot chocolate. I dropped Linda off at the Dove for the lunchtime session and drove into Warminster to buy some groceries then went back home to do the housework.

Linda finished at 3PM and after we had packed up what we needed for the weekend we set off up the valley to the A303. Up on the Salisbury Plain it was cold and windy but the deep black of the sky perfectly framed the autumn greens of fields and trees picked out by the occasional burst of sunlight.

The Salisbury Plain. I took this photograph in 2012 while I was in Wiltshire for a family wedding.

Tourists flocked around the rocks of Stonehenge like druids at the Solstice and fat sheep grazed on lush pastures amongst fields of newly emerged wheat and barley.

Stonehenge. (This photo was also taken in 2012.)

It took us two hours to reach London and after a frustrating search amongst the labyrinth of backstreets in Fulham we found Lydia and Jenny’s flat in Leighton Mansions on Greyhound Road. The publican of the pub across the road gave us the key to the flat and we let ourselves in and made ourselves at home. Lid and Jen were away working so we set off in the car over to the Red Lion. We had a good few beers with Brian and Harry then went into town to Breaks For the Border where we had tea. Later on, back at the flat, we crashed out on the floor of the lounge.

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