A fine but cold morning greeted us when we woke up and not wanting to waste any of it we all headed into town. We drove into Kensington and found a park on a narrow little avenue then walked around to Kensington Gardens. On the way we bought some food at a deli and as we entered the park Jenny and I stopped to feed our ice creams to a bold squirrel which was accosting passers-by for food. We found a seat and sat down to eat our lunch and watched the assortment of people and other animals at play. But the cold wind wind soon moved us on and after a few photos we wandered off to explore the park and its adjacent area of woodland.

Once back at the car we decided to go over to Covent Garden and go to the pictures there. We drove through the crowded, labyrinthine streets of the West End and eventually found a park near the market. We wandered along browsing in shops, had a drink and one of the pubs and eventually ended up at the Trocadero. We watched some amateur videos playing on a screen for a while then Linda and Lydia left us to go back over to Kensington to see The Little Mermaid. Jen and I went over to Leicester Square and saw Die Hard 2. I had seen it before but it was just as good the second time around and Jen was amusing as she screeched and gasped at the gory parts!

After the movie we went to Burger King for something to eat then browsed in HMV for a while. With time to kill before Linda and Lydia came to pick us up we sat in Piccadilly Circus and watched the lights, and walked up and down Haymarket until they finally turned up.

We cruised over Waterloo Bridge with the wonderful panorama of the Thames spread out on either side and went round to the Red Lion but it wasn’t open so we headed back out to Fulham.

Linda and the girls all went to bed and I sat up with the lads to watch Nigel Benn get the fuck punched out of him by Chris Eubank in the WBA middleweight fight.

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