SUNDAY 25/11 THE SHOW GOES ON. Lydia, Jenny and Shaker we’re going out to Henley-on-Thames for the day, so after a cup of tea I said goodbye and headed home.

I found my way out of London easily in light traffic and as I drove I thought about a great many things. Bruce Hornsby and the range filled my head amongst my thoughts.

“The show goes on; and the sad-eyed sisters go walking on…”

The morning sunlight cast a warm glow upon the fields as the night’s frost slowly melted and a wreath of haze left over from the early morning still clung to the hollows and dips. The views up on the Salisbury Plain were beautiful and the words of music I was listening to seem to echo my mood. I got home at 1:30 pm and spent the afternoon watching TV. In the evening Linda and I went to a quiz night at the Dove

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