MONDAY 26/11 – FRIDAY 30/11 A quiet, boring week whose only drama was Margaret Thatcher’s sudden demise from power after a revolt amongst her most trusted colleagues, led by a smug, conniving, reptilian MP called Michael Heseltine, and her replacement with John Major1. [Mrs Thatcher would later describe this revolt as: “treachery with a smile on its face.]

1It is one of the incongruities of travel, and, indeed, life in general, that events which seem world-shattering at the time simply become a part of history in later years. During our time in England several pivotal events, not only in the History of Britain but in world history, occurred. These included the bombing of a Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie in Scotland, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the London Poll Tax riots, the First Gulf War to liberate Kuwait, the demise of prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the release of Nelson Mandela. 

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