SATURDAY 8/12  SNOW! When I got up at 8:30 I pulled back the curtains to see a white and blustery world. Powder snow, driven in by a howling south-westerly wind, coated everything and it looked wonderful after not having seen snowfall for over two years.

We got up and mucked around the house then drove up to Ann’s place where Linda dropped me off and went to work. I spent a couple of hours chopping up wood at Ann’s then walked up to the pub for a slap up cooked breakfast. 

Cortington Manor in the snow.

Later in the afternoon it was still snowing and we went in to see Ann at Betty’s house in Warminster for a while then Linda dropped me off at Adi Hargraves’¹ house. We went up to the Farmers Arms pub and met Royston and Rocky² for a few beers then walked up to the Bath Arms for a few more.

The Wiley Valley Meats Christmas party was the long-awaited highlight of the year but I thought it was a boring piece of shit!!

¹Adrian Hargreaves was one of the boners I worked with at Wylye Valley Meats. He was studying to be an accountant.

²Also boners from WVM.

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