We woke up to the sight of heavy snow falling outside but it stopped at about 8AM so we went out and built a snowman. Linda went off to work and at 10:30 Betty rang me to ask if I could take some kids sledging. So I took Gemma, Joanna and Tina’s son Lee over to the hill by Heytesbury roundabout and we spent a couple of hours there sliding down between the trees. Before we left to drive back to the Dove we went up to the top of the hill where there was a wonderful view out over the snow-covered Wylye Valley.

The snowman we built at Cortington Manor on that snowy Saturday.

When Linda finished work we packed some things and headed for London. Going up over the Salisbury Plain, the snow made a lovely picture in the late afternoon sunlight as it threw every detail of the landscape into fine focus. It took us 2 1/2 hours to reach Fulham and after dropping our stuff at the flat we went over to the Carlton Arms to see Lydia and Jenny who were working there. After a couple of warming drinks, Linda and I went down to North End Road for a burger.

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