I slept in until 2:30PM! I guess I needed a recharge and felt a lot better after such a long sleep. We had Ann, Betty, Diana and Roxy [the Duchess’ grand-daughter] up for drinks in our flat in the evening. Ann gave us a porcelain tray like the one her family has used for years at birthdays. Linda had the flat looking really nice with a Christmas tree, decorations, cards and flowers. Our little coffee party lasted a couple of hours. It was most enjoyable. I think Roxy even enjoyed it!

Our little English home, Cortington Manor, Corton, Wilts.

At 7 o’clock we picked up Stuart Cray and Al and drove into the Rose and Crown where we met Tina and Kath. We had a few drinks there then all piled into our car and drove out to Horsham to the pub there where we spent the rest of the evening. Back in Warminster at 11PM we went to a Chinese restaurant for a late meal.

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