MONDAY 24/12 CHRISTMAS EVE. I left home mid morning and drove over to Bath to do my Christmas shopping. It was a fine cold day but gathering clouds gave promise of rain to come later.

I parked in the car parking building and walked over the bridge into the crowded Central shopping area. I spent about five hours wandering around the streets trying to find presents. I bought Linda a Turkish handbag and some earrings and some little gifts for the girls. It was showery as I drove back over the hills out of Bath, the sun breaking through the clouds to illuminate the valley here in there. Back in Warminster I bought a few last-minute things then went home. I spent an hour or so wrapping my pressies and placing them under the tree.

St. John’s Church, Sutton Veny (Screenshot from Google Streetview.)

In the evening I went up to the Dove for a few drinks with the boring crowd there. Linda and I went to midnight church with Ann and Betty. It was a bitter night but it was nice going to communion1 – after nine years!!!

1Having been “confirmed” as a 14 year old I was able to take the Anglican communion. That freezing winter night in the little Saxon church at Sutton Veny was the last time I ever took communion, not being a believer.

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