SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER We left the hotel at 6 a.m. and walked into town, then sat and waited in the main street for Herman. A woman came up to us, her body wasted with AIDS. She was shaking and had a disgusting cough that turned our stomachs, and after a while, we got sick of her jabbering until some kids threw stones at her to chase her away. 

Herman picked us up at 9 a.m. It was a long drive, but the road was good and we passed the time by playing arsehole in the back of the truck. We reached Lusaka at 6 p.m. and drove round to the Dutch Reformed Church College to drop off the three South African people – who were God botherers – and ended up staying for dinner there. The atmosphere was heavy with religion, however, and the 5 of us sinners – me, Linda, Steve, Nick, and Herman – didn’t quite fit in…but a free feed was good. 

About 8:30 we drove to the house of an expatriate who puts up Overland trucks. It was 5 US dollars each a night to stay there, and the house was full of beer, stereos, comfy furniture, and hot water. Linda went to bed and the rest of us at around drinking beer talking about Africans, rugby & travel.

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