We caught a taxi over to the bus station and got a bus to Rawalpindi. The 6-hour trip was reasonably comfortable, albeit a touch nerve-wracking as the driver pulled off some amazingly stupid passing manoeuvers. We stop for a snack after about 3 hours at a roadside café, where the doorman sported a huge handlebar moustache, a thick beard, turban and an antique shotgun.

We reached ‘Pindi at 3PM and on the way down the street to catch a bus to Islamabad, Magnus¹ and I each bought a Dopi, a traditional Pakistani hat, for RS 20 each.

The bus was RS 60 for each and took about 20 minutes to get to Islamabad. We walked down to the local campground and set up camp. There was a handful of other tourists, mainly French, and they had a good fire going, so we warmed ourselves for a while before we went to bed.

¹Magnus was a Swedish traveller who we had met in the Lahore hostel. He was to be our travelling companion for the next few weeks.

The campsite at Islamabad, L-R: Local man, French traveller, Tim, Magnus.

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