SUNDAY. I got up at around 8 a.m. and got the fire going and boiled up some water with the stove for chai. Two English lads, Tim and Jonathan, had arrived during the night so the 5 of us sat around the fire warming up and drinking tea for an hour or so.

It was a bright sunny day so we set off to walk down to the Indian Embassy in the Diplomatic Enclave [Islamabad is Pakistan’s purpose-built capital city and the embassies of most countries are to be found there], about 20 minutes walk away. 

There was a large, ragged assembly of people at the visa section – a small window set into the rear wall of the large Embassy compound – but being white has its advantages and we were let in ahead of the rabble and went through the typically Indian bureaucratic process.

Once that was out of the way, we caught a taxi to find the Thai Embassy when Magnus wanted to go, but we couldn’t find it so we ended it ended up wandering around in a shopping centre.

I went to a clinic to try and get some cortisone cream for the rash I had developed on my arms in Nairobi. The resident doctor said I had a food allergy, probably from the chicken and asparagus roll I ate one day in Nairobi and recommended an injection. He gave me 10 mils of something with vitamin C intravenously and after only a few hours the rash began to clear up.

That night at camp we cooked up a meal of veggies and rice on the fire and with our gas cookers.

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