We searched vainly for the New Zealand Embassy but all we could find was a vacant building, so we caught a bus further out of town to the Baha’i Faith temple. The lines of the building were drawn from the shape of the lotus flower, all harmony and peace, which is what the Baha’i Faith stands for: unification of all people into a global community or commune. Not a lot of chance of that happening!!

Back in town we had a look at the India Gate and walked up the Raj Path where the Union Jack and the flag of India were flying from each lamp post, then caught an auto-rickshaw out the Diplomatic Enclave where a brand new New Zealand High Commission office is situated. We spent about an hour there drinking tea and reading copies of The Dominion.

That evening a group of us Tom, Robert, Tinka, Linda, an American guy called Chuck, Barnardos, Madeline and I went out for a meal then for ice cream at Nerala’s pizza joint.

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