NB: Somehow, February 13th didn’t exist in my diary!

Friday 14th of February After breakfast, we took a rickshaw to the bus station where we bought two tickets to Jaipur for tomorrow and then went on to the Red Fort.

The Red Fort (Photo supplied)

The fort was huge and impressive with massive walls of red sandstone and amazing rooms finished in marble. The view down the river to the Taj Mahal with superb, especially from the two round marble verandahs overlooking the river, from which the old Shah Jahan, imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb, lived out his days staring longingly across to the tomb of his beloved wife.

Being a Friday, the place was crawling with tourists, most of them offensive young men who would come near us whenever we sat down, and taunted and touched the girls, so we didn’t linger there long.

When we left the Red Fort we walked through a park down to the Taj Mahal yet again and spent a couple of hours there taking black and white photos. A little girl followed us around and I took a photo of her a couple of times in exchange for 2 rupees and a pen.

The power was off in our part of town that evening and there wasn’t much to do so, as it was Valentine’s Day, we went to bed early and…

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