Agra to Jaipur. We caught the 8:30 AM bus from the bus station and the trip to Jaipur was comfortable and rapid. Jaipur seemed an unremarkable town at first, set at the foot of a barren hill and defended by several old forts perched on the ramparts.

We stayed at the Jaipur Inn, which was very clean and well run. In the evening we went to the Raj Mandir movie theatre. The theatre itself was the model of plushness, but the fuckin’ movie…Christ! It was reported to be a big-budget opus, filmed extensively in Kenya, but it was the usual moronic mix of violence, cliche and singing which characterises all Indian movie-making. We managed to stick it out for about an hour and a half but eventually, we stood up from our plush seats and made our way to the exit.

The Raj Mandir Theatre (Photo supplied)

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